2019 Crisis Leadership and Emergency Management workshop

Day 1: March 12, 2019


Leadership for the 21st Century
Jeff Eggers

What ‘Real’ Risk Management Is All About
Gordon Graham

Small Victories: Beating a Multi-front Disaster
Kevin McGowan


The Way Forward - Technology in Crisis Management

7 Deadly Sins of Supply Chain Resilience

SALUS: Create Your Own Operating Picture

Day 2: March 13, 2019


The Next Thing: Are You Ready For It?
Mona Barnes

The Future of Emergency Management: What Are We Prepared To Do?
Denise Everhart

Creating a Culture of Leadership Before a Crisis
Ken Perlman


Urban Homelessness

Cybersecurity: A Panel Discussion

Post-Crisis Management & Recovery

2018 Crisis Leadership and Emergency Management workshop

Day 1: April 18, 2018


Disaster Decision Making During the Thomas Fire
Kevin McGowan

“1 October”: The Las Vegas Mass Shooting
Kevin C. McMahill
Mark Kittelson

Working Lunch: The Relentless Drumbeats of 2017
Brad Kieserman


Mass Notification: Leveraging Technology for Our Crisis Messaging

Emergency Management Initiatives for People Experiencing Homelessness

Disaster Supply Chain: Adjusting Our Approach to Feeding Communities

How GIS Is Revolutionizing Emergency Management

Day 2: April 19, 2018


Hurricane Harvey
Mark Sloan

Lessons in Leadership
Joe Castro

Moment of Truth: Ultra-Modern Society and the Catastrophic Threat
Kelly McKinney


The State of Emergency Management

Building Toward Systems of Pediatric Disaster Preparedness and Response

Crisis Leadership Career Lessons

How GIS Is Revolutionizing Emergency Management