Crisis Leadership Development Program

Host trainings for executive leaders in Los Angeles

The Crisis Leadership Development Program brings together national subject matter experts (SMEs) to present on best practices to executives on how to lead through crises. SMEs include distinguished scholars and academics from renowned institutions. Cohorts include private, public, and civic leaders to ensure learning can be integrated cohesively across sectors.

The Crisis Leadership Development Program consists of two tracks: Leading in Crises, and Disaster Recovery. Each track is designed to improve a decision maker’s response capabilities during a major incident. Courses are taught in a case study analysis format and focus on past, current, and emerging threats and hazards.

  • Crisis Leadership Training: This program looks to improve the participant’s capacity to handle natural, human-caused, and accidental disasters, as well as infrastructure, technology, terrorism, and systems failures. Participants examine comprehensive risk management strategies, explore policies and practices for effective preparedness, and consider how to effectively mobilize essential stakeholders into action.
  • Disaster Recovery Training: This training focuses on research surrounding emergency preparedness for future disasters along with strategies for recovery. Participants review, discuss, and explore various strategies to address a broad range of current and emerging challenges to continuity of operations, business resumption, and recovery.

Next Level Scholarship Program

Developing the next level of professionals

The HSAC Scholarship Program enables mid-level management personnel to pursue higher education and executive level development opportunities.

Scholarships will be provided for approved courses of instruction to support individuals with incident response responsibilities in the private, public, and civic sectors.

Innovations in Crisis Management Fellowship Program

Fellows perform groundbreaking public safety and homeland security solutions

The Fellowship Program funds science, technology, and public safety professionals interested in developing innovative solutions in public safety that advance HSAC’s vision.

Homeland Security Professional ALliances 

HSAC presenting, advising, and leading in the public safety arena

HSAC is a subject matter expert in the public safety arena – and the organization’s leadership participates in various national organizations, associations, and conferences to develop, maintain, and explore new opportunities. HSAC’s presence at these meetings showcases the organization’s products and tools, solidifies its partnerships, and provides a potential source of revenue in the long-term.

Public Safety Delegations and Information Exchanges 

Annual executive level public safety delegations

HSAC coordinates fact-finding delegations to recent, large-scale, and/or significant incidents, where we learn about best practices and examine how to prevent or reduce the impact of similar incidents in the Los Angeles region. Delegation members draft a white paper and conduct a symposium to present findings, lessons learned, and other relevant information for public safety officials in the Los Angeles region.