Jon Pedder

Patterns & Practices Solutions Engineer & EPSAP Tech Lead


Jon Pedder is a Solutions Engineer in the Patterns & Practices group, where he supports the Public Safety Team. He is also the technical lead for the Esri Public Safety Assistance Program (EPSAP), which includes the Disaster Response Program and the Special Events Management Program. Throughout his career, Jon has deployed to many disasters and special events to provide technical implementation support for geospatial technology. He has supported NSACAR races, the Boston Marathon, Ironman World Championships, the Pope’s visit to the United States, the Napa earthquake, Louisiana floods, and 2017’s series of hurricanes and wildfires. Jon is a nationally recognized subject matter expert concerning the use of GIS technology for disaster response, special events, and public safety.

Jon has been a member of Sierra Madre Search & Rescue for twelve years and has held several board positions. He has held roles as incident commander, operations section chief, and plans sections chief, as well as being a qualified technical field responder. Jon is one of the lead technical trainers in subjects varying from technical rope rescue to lost person tracking. He is also a member and instructor of the Los Angeles underground rescue team and is MSHA certified. 

Prior to joining Esri, Jon was the lead developer for MapSAR, a voluntary collaborative effort to build an ArcGIS based tool to support Search and Rescue efforts for lost and missing persons. MapSAR has gained international adoption and acclaim since its release. In 2012, he earned special achievement awards from both Esri and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG).