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Desmian Alexander

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Master of Public Policy, University of Southern California; Master of Planning, University of Southern California; and Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish, Fisk University


Seeing the environmental, social, and economic effects of Hurricane Katrina drove Desmian's interest in environmentalism, disaster management, and poverty alleviation. After graduating from Fisk University, Desmian volunteered for two years with the American Red Cross in San Antonio on their Disaster Action Team. Desmian seeks to treat climate change as the true threat to national security that it represents by designing communities and cities with that in mind. 

Career Goals

Desmian plans to be the Chief Resilience Officer of a major U.S. city.

Austin Anderson


Master of Urban Planning and Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, University of Southern California; Master of Public Administration, Hamline University 


Austin’s interest in homeland security and emergency management stems from seeing the I-35 bridge collapse in 2007 and from observing the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Austin sees both events as resulting from are city planning issues, which he wishes to confront and prevent in the future. 

Career Goals

Ten years from now, Austin intends to work in homeland security in the capacity of planning the recovery efforts of crisis management.

Adali Arroyo



Master of Public Policy, University of Southern California (USC); Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Public Affairs, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, Adali knows firsthand the need for increased disaster preparedness in South Central and across similar communities. He knows it is critical that these communities become more aware of their vulnerabilities and increase their preparedness for inevitable disasters.

Prior to joining HSAC, Adali worked for the City of Bell Gardens and Animo James B. Taylor Middle School in Watts. He holds a Master of Public Policy from USC and a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA. 

Career Goals

Ten years from now, Adali will be helping with the reformation and drafting of both existing and forthcoming crisis management policies, specifically concerning vulnerable populations.


Physical activity has become an important part of Adali’s life. Exercising and playing sports not only helps with his physical well-being, but also they serve as effective stress relievers. Additionally, Adali enjoys listening to podcasts.          




Mater of Public Health in Healthcare Administration, National University; Bachelor of Science in Public Health, National University


Through her academic, church, and professional endeavors, Jennifer has taken strides towards educating others in the realms of emergency preparedness. Her response and recovery efforts in the 2018 Woolsey Fire enthralled and moved her to make further contributions to community resilience.


Jennifer hopes to become a Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.


Jennifer enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and playing the violin.

Jacob Dunlap



Master of Public Policy, Pepperdine University School of Public Policy; Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, double minor in Sociology and National Security, Grove City College


For many years, Jacob has been interested in U.S. national security, particularly regarding counterterrorism efforts, overseas drone strikes, domestic mass shootings, and natural disaster management, response, and recovery. With extensive experience in political campaigning across the East Coast, Jacob has a strong foundation in data-input and analysis, as well as writing, implementing, and drafting policy. In the fall semester of 2018, Jacob enrolled in an Emergency Management course taught by HSAC’s CEO, James Featherstone. This course opened the door to a new world of possibilities, and Jacob followed his newfound passion by applying and interviewing for the Homeland Security Advisory Council internship.

Career Goals

Jacob hopes to work in crisis management, helping to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors.


Jacob enjoys reading, writing, going to the gym, watching documentaries, and playing chess.