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The first 48: Crises in Ventura county

February 7, 2019

8:30 A.M. - 11:00 A.m.

Last November truly tested Southern California’s preparedness. From the tragic Borderline Shooting on the 7th to the start of the Woolsey Fire on the 8th, Southern California had to quickly respond to two competing crises.

You are invited to join Andy Fox, Former Mayor of Thousand Oaks, and Geoff Dean, Former Ventura County Sheriff, as they share their experiences managing these crises.

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The HSAC Distinguished Speaker Series fosters the exchange of ideas aimed at broader decision-making processes and leadership development. Speakers cover dynamic issues relating to public safety, they recount challenges that tested them and their respective organizations, and they share their successes and failures, which enables the crisis management community to learn from one another.

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