The 2019 Los Angeles Marathon

Emergency response and support agencies in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood used SALUS to transform how they managed the LA Marathon. Leveraging the new developments and lessons learned from two previous Marathons, HSAC expanded the implementation of the mobile reporting app, which allows the EMS agencies to track and share—in real-time—the treatment and transport of ill and injured runners. Last year, the app was piloted by the Santa Monica Fire Department; this year, the app was also adopted by LAFD, LA County Fire Department, and Beverly Hills Fire Department. As a result, the Marathon Incident Command Posts and Emergency Operations Centers in each of the cities, as well as the Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC), were able to see real-time runner information, road re-openings, and patient data.

Additionally, the 2019 SALUS Marathon mobile application added a new dimension to patient management. Through the application, responders in the field could input patient triage information, track their statuses, and track transports to local hospitals. At the same time, those in the MACC, Command Posts, and EOCs were able to visualize exactly what was occurring in the field—such as the number of patients, their chief complaints, number of transports, and more—in one, easy to view Dashboard that was updated in real-time.

This event was the initial use of SALUS for several agencies, a true testament to SALUS’ simplicity and ease of use.

This is what “smart” cities look like:

SALUS Dashboard for the LA Marathon