Technology Solutions


SALUS - The Crisis HUB 

Cloud based public safety information sharing platform

HSAC’s innovative public safety technology platform integrates private, public, and civic sector data into actionable information during a time of crisis, providing leaders with powerful insight to make better decisions.

National Standards program

Develop and support national standards for geospatial information sharing among private, public, and civic sectors

The National Standards program convenes Los Angeles’ regional public safety agencies in developing protocols and standards for successful location-based situational awareness. The program works to ensure complete interoperability between the communications and situational awareness tools in use by the Los Angeles’ public safety community.

Public SafetY Data Hub

Create a national data sharing platform to support public safety coordination efforts

HSAC is developing a data hub to centralize and facilitate the sharing of public safety stakeholder geo-data. The “hub” will act as a force multiplier for information sharing platforms locally, regionally, and nationally.