HSAC's Crisis & Event Management Platform

Use SALUS to enhance readiness and resilience for your organization and the community you serve.

  • Develop and map incident, emergency and event plans
  • Quickly define threats and hazards and locate critical infrastructure 
  • Identify potential, impacted populations and nearby resources
  • Utilize customized, mobile reports that are automatically mapped and analyzed 
  • See up-to-the-minute incident and event alerts provided by NC4
  • Visually represent real-time locations of staff and resources
  • Crowd-source trends from social media
  • Analyze location-driven trends to ensure resources are aligned with objectives
  • Share information from the field to the Command Post, the Emergency Operations Center and organization leadership
  • Generate a common operating picture, including analytics specifically tailored to your organization and leadership
  • Create electronic briefings using dynamic maps and data.

A Platform of customizable, web-based tools and
fully integrated mobile apps

Click on the images below to preview the SALUS platform.

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