HSAC Fellowship Program

The Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) Fellowship Program will fund science, technology, and public safety professionals interested in pursuing innovative solutions in public safety that align with HSAC’s vision to enhance the security, resilience, economic productivity, and quality of life in the Los Angeles region as it relates to potential and real threats and hazards.

Program Mission

The HSAC Fellowship Program strives to allow fellows to further develop necessary public safety skills that can be used as they advance their careers, and by doing so also ensuring the resiliency of the Los Angeles region.

Program Goals

  • Provide training opportunities in complementary skills that are necessary for a public safety leader
  • Facilitate at an atmosphere of Los Angeles region public safety officials that is accessible to fellows to expand their regional network
  • Inspire effective public safety leadership in fellows
  • Progress innovative technology in the public safety sector

Benefits of an HSAC Fellowship

  • Career development sessions focusing on leadership, writing, data analytics, public policy, entrepreneurship, researching skills, and public speaking
  • Mentoring from, and access to, seasoned public safety leaders, and executives within the private and nonprofit sectors
  •  Opportunities to learn cross-sectional skills and collaborate on multidisciplinary projects
  • Immersion in technology, including HSAC’s IT Platform, GIS, and application development
  • $5,000 stipend, plus materials and travel support to present at a relevant conference/workshop
  • Flexibility to work around fellows’ schedules and ranged program term of three to six months

Program Structure

HSAC Fellows will agree to produce a deliverable(s) at the end of the program period. Here is additional information as to how the program will function.

  • Upon applying to the program, fellows will propose research and deliverables to HSAC to be agreed upon before the start of the cohort
  • Fellows will choose a program term of three to six months
  •  Regular career develop sessions for fellows will be held that include leadership, writing, data analytics, public policy, problem solving, researching skills, and public speaking
  • Four categories of research exist within the program: emergency management, emergency services, homeland security, and technology
  • Fellows will be assigned an advisor(s) who acts as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to offer guidance and resources