Engagement Solutions 

Distinguished SPEAKER SERIES

Host and partner with public safety institutions

HSAC will bring together public safety and stakeholders from the private, public, and civic sectors to hear from distinguished local, regional, and national experts that can provide expert insight on past and emerging issues in public safety and homeland security. By gathering diverse perspectives on timely issues, HSAC will foster an invaluable exchange of ideas and promote the adoption of best practices to strengthen our region’s resiliency. Speakers will include high ranking public policy and public safety officials, captains of industry, and business and community leaders.


Solving tomorrow’s challenges with today's ideas

HSAC will host an innovative forum for participants to engage on public safety and homeland security topics. The forum will foster new ideas about, promote greater understanding of, and encourage discourse on critical questions on how to keep Los Angeles’ communities safe and secure.

Emergency Management workshop

Convening the best to teach the best

HSAC hosts an Emergency Management Workshop that provides training for high-level officials and executives from the private, public, and civic sectors. The inclusion of representatives from the private sector and public safety community helps close gaps in communication and collaboration. Participants learn best practices and innovative approaches to emergency management issues.

Business operations center program

Integrate the business sectors into Emergency Operations Centers

HSAC will provide a training toolkit to support the integration of business sector efforts in the Los Angeles region’s Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs). The toolkit will be made available to the EOCs at no cost. Train-the-Trainer sessions will also be offered by HSAC to facilitate successful business sector integration.