Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet all of the following requirements to be considered eligible for the HSAC Fellowship Program:

  • The following levels of experience and education in order to qualify for the HSAC Fellowship Program:
  • Advanced degree (masters or doctorates) with one year of relevant professional experience, OR
  • Bachelor’s degree with at least two years of relevant professional experience, OR
  • Three years of relevant professional experience

Strongly desired qualifications:

  • Advanced degrees in a field related to public safety, emergency management, homeland security, public policy, public administration, or other field related to your interest of application
  • Individuals who are familiar with the Los Angeles region and its various public safety agencies
  • Proven leadership experience in the public safety arena


Applicants that are considered superior candidates for the HSAC Fellowship Program will receive notification to interview with HSAC staff. Notifications will be sent out within XXXX amount of time following the application deadline. Individuals selected for an interview will receive correspondence with preselected dates and times to choose from and will need to inform HSAC of their preferred interview date and time.

Candidates who receive a first interview will be notified if they are to receive a second, final interview with HSAC staff and relevant partnership representatives. Applicants who are chosen for the second round of interviews will be notified if they have been chosen to participate in the HSAC Fellowship Program or not.

How To Apply

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