Capability Solutions

Public Safety Research Center

Lead and support research in key public safety areas

HSAC supports research that strengthens Los Angeles’ public safety and homeland security capabilities, and contributes best practices and expertise to the broader community. This includes:

  • Hazards and Risk Assessment Research: HSAC will partner with leading scholars and field experts to support hazard and disaster mitigation research. Additionally, HSAC will incorporate private sector assessment and economic impact analysis into this area of study.
  • Homeland Security Research: HSAC develops partnerships with researchers that specialize in homeland security, public safety, and the assessment of individual and region-wide preparedness.
  • Supply Chain Resilience ResearchHSAC supports national, state, and local efforts in assessing the risks and challenges of key commodity sectors. We work to incorporate private sector assessment and economic impact analysis into this research.
  • HSAC Research LibraryAll research will be made available to the public via the “HSAC Research Library” on our website.


Coordinate and host regional emergency management exercises


HSAC hosts small-scale exercises to provide training, tools, and resources for the private and public sectors, allowing them to measure and test continuity plans.


HSAC immerses participants from the private, public, and civic sectors in a dynamic, active, and participatory multiple-threat large-scale exercise made up of various agency/jurisdictions to assess the response and capabilities. The exercise suites range from natural disasters, active-shooter scenarios, and other human-caused incidents.

Incident Management/Unified Command (IMUC) Program

Increase access to vital training for regional public safety personnel

HSAC will enlist nationally recognized trainers to host premier simulation-based training in the country for the public and elected officials. Training will be hosted in Los Angeles to increase the number of participants, and broaden the pools of who can take part from both private and public sectors.

The Los Angeles region has more than 30,000 public safety professionals that benefit from formal Incident Command System (ICS) training. This training is scalable; HSAC will host a greater number of training cohorts per year, based on additional support.

Next Generation Internship Program

Academic interns support and develop public safety initiatives

HSAC’s one-year graduate-level stipend supported internship program, and integration into key HSAC initiatives, fosters and develops the next generation of public safety leaders.

HSAC is currently hiring interns! For more details, click here.